Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tracking the Lost Streams of Ballona Creek

The report titled "Seeking Streams" was written and published in 2001 by students at Cal Poly Pomona, and is described as "A Landscape framework for urban and ecological revitalization in the upper Ballona Creek watershed of Los Angeles"

One of its authors, Jessica Hall, writes a blog here:

Hall and BEEP's executive director Rex Frankel were also quoted extensively in

published the fall of 2006.

Here is the Full Report:

high quality scan:

I have scanned the report into a pdf format and while it looks a little fuzzy on their screen, if you click on the upper right corner above the text window, the frame will enlarge to full screen and becomes much more readable. You can also click on the download button and see it full size that way, too.

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