Monday, September 7, 2009

A little Bit of Playa Vista History...

Retired Security Guard at Playa Vista/Ballona Wetlands describes how opponents had gotten "inside" the developer's company

...Nordell, a Culver City, Calif. native, said he also worked as a security guard at Hughes Aircraft, the building site of the enormous Hercules airplane, also known as the "Spruce Goose." The hangars have been used to film scenes in the films Independence Day and Titanic, he said.

He said he finagled his way onto the property under the guise of being an author and received a tour of the property.

Nordell was eventually hired on.

"I became the security guard in charge of the Hughes Playa Vista Property."
Nordell said he threw 56 trespassers off the property in one day. That made the security guard who got him the job angry.

"He took on the job of getting rid of me," Nordell said.

As it turned out, the security guard had good reason for not wanting Nordell throwing trespassers of the property. Nordell said he was a spy for a group of protestors who wanted to save the property from being developed into condominiums.

"He admitted he was a spy for the protestors," Nordell said....