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L.A. City Releases Final Report on Sewage, Greywater and Storm Runoff Plan

August 8, 2006

The Final Environmental Impact Report for L.A. City's Integrated Resources Plan was released in early September. It can be read at the City's website,
Public hearings have not been scheduled yet, but could take place as early as October. Here's the City's news release from August, which mis-stated when public hearings will be held:

To: Neighborhood Council Leaders
From: Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

Subject: Joint DWP & Public Works Board meeting Notification of an Upcoming Joint Department of Public Works and LADWP Board meeting to consider adopting an Integrated Resources Plan and related Environmental Impact Report for wastewater, recycled water, and stormwater management. As a result of a joint effort between the Bureau of Sanitation of the Department of Public Works and LADWP, an Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was developed which:

· integrates planning for the three interdependent water systems of wastewater, recycled water and stormwater;
· reviews the City's water and wastewater needs for the next 20 years; and
· identifies necessary infrastructure improvements and policy recommendations.

The IRP and EIR were developed after an intensive 4-year process was undertaken that was built upon stakeholder preferences. During the process 21 initial alternatives were narrowed down to 4 alternatives that were carried through the environmental review process. These alternatives will meet a 20 percent projected increase in wastewater flow while maximizing the beneficial use of recycled water and urban runoff. This will optimize the use of our existing facilities and water resources, reduce pollution and Los Angeles' dependence on water imports. The Draft EIR for the IRP was issued for public review in November 2005. Thereview period ended on March 2006. This is an advance notice on the near completion of the Final Environmental Impact report (FEIR) for the Integrated Resources Plan (IRP). It is anticipated the FEIR along with the IRP recommendations will be forwarded to Council for certification after consideration by the Board of Public Works and the DWP Board of Commissioners (Boards). The consideration by the Boards will be at a joint meeting around the second half of September 2006 with Council action scheduled around the middle of October 2006. A copy of the Draft IRP recommendations, a copy of the FEIR and the IRP plan will be posted on the website before the joint meeting of the Boards. If you have any questions or would like to provide some feedback, please contact Mr. Adel H. Hagekhalil of the Bureau of Sanitation at (323) 342-6225 or Mr. Bill Van Waggoner of LADWP at (213) 367-1138.
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