Monday, March 17, 2008

August 18, 2006

More Housing Boom at Playa Vista

Yet another Channel 4 story on Playa Vista's explosive gas leakage problems aired Wednesday, August 16th... video shows a public hearing staged by the City of L.A. coverup department, ooops, Chief Legislative Analyst and Bureau of Engineering, to hear from the public about Playa Vista's toxic problems. In Tuesday night's, (August 15th) hearing held at Venice High School: When asked about apparently overlooked problem areas at Playa Vista, the City officer running the hearing, Jerry Miller, responded that "he doesn't know if the study covers all the problem areas." This is a good example of why last October the California Appellate Court ordered that a review of the methane mitigation systems at Playa Vista comply with the California Environmental Quality Act.NEWS FLASH: The City's website shows no timely response by the City to recent contempt charges filed by Grassroots Coalition and Dan Cohen:(1) The City failed to include the exact language of a court order to "proceed according to the California Environmental Quality Act"(2) The City has given approval to methane mitigation permits after the Appellate Court ordered the vacating of the methane mitigation measures. Thus it would appear that the City is not contesting our contempt charge! The tv report is the latest episode in a series of investigative reports about the potential health and safety hazards from toxic and explosive oil field gases at Playa Vista and to the surrounding areas as well - hazards exposed by Grassroots Coalition.More details:

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