Monday, May 18, 2015

High Speed Hearing Endorses Bad L.A. Creeks Plan

UPDATE: we got to speak after waiting 5 hours, for 2 minutes, to protest the new $20 Billion L.A. water pollution cleanup plan which was originally supposed to include restored river and creek parks but now is an engineering firm's pipe dream.



If you support expanded parks from our Creeks to our Peaks, come to the L.A. County Board of Supervisor's meeting on Tuesday May 26th and tell them to Keep their promise of new parks as part of the L.A. stormwater cleanup plan.

The plan is a near complete reversal of longtime plans to turn concreted creeks throughout L.A. into restored and expanded parts of the park system, instead largely relying on turning existing public parks and playgrounds into pollution catch basins. This crummy plan also features a massive tax hike which county planners are trying to sneak past all of us to avoid a rebellion like occurred in 2013. For what happened in 2013, read this: L.A. County to revise proposed parcel tax to fight polluted runoff

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy wrote this in their comment letter: "There seems to be a bias against projects on private land..." in the plan. The SMMC supports land acquisition to create new  "multi-benefit stormwater cleanup parks"  that include wildlife habitat. They stated: . We "recommend inclusion of these types of acquisition projects and this approach in the plan. "

For the hearing notice and my comment letter and other background:

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